How to Delegate Stake

Instructions for DeepWallet

Step 1: Create/Sign In to Your DeepWallet Account

Go to the DeepWallet sign-in page and click "CREATE A NEW ADDRESS", then fill in the required information.

Or, if you’ve already signed up for an account, click "USE AN EXISTING ADDRESS".

Make sure to keep your Seed Phrase to your wallet account safe.

If you’re creating a new account, you will get a seed phrase (aka mnemonic) which is a list of words that can help you to recover your address. This is the only time you’ll be able to access the seed phrase, so be sure to keep a record of it somewhere safe.

Anybody who has your seed phrase can access your account and funds, so we highly recommend storing it securely and offline.

Step 2: Prepare Your CTK

Make sure you have enough CTK deposited in your DeepWallet account. After signing in, you can check your available CTK balance and transaction history on the Portfolio page.

During Full Testnet, you may get CTK from the faucet on the Explorer.

How to Get CTK from the Explorer Faucet

When you've logged into your DeepWallet account, your wallet address can be found at the top-right corner, starting with . Clicking on the address will automatically copy your address to your clipboard.

Paste your address in the address text field in the Testnet Faucet box, then click "Send me tokens".

CTK can be obtained through the Faucet, found on the Explorer.

CTK will be sent to your wallet address immediately.

Step 3: Getting Familiar with the Portfolio Page

On the Portfolio page, the Transactions view is set by default. In this view you can see all associated transactions with your wallet, as well as view and Claim all your rewards that you’ve earned through staking, and Send CTK to other addresses.

For details on your stakings or to claim rewards from each validator separately, toggle the Stakings tab to show staked validators.

Your Portfolio page is a dashboard for all your wallet transactions.

Step 4: Choose a Validator

Navigate to the Validator page.

Here, you can search for a validator by name in the search box. The table presents validator information which will help you choose your desired validators to delegate your stake to.

Validators can be in one of three states: Bonded, Unbonding, and Unbonded. The default view on the page will show Bonded validators, the only valid state that will provide delegators with the opportunity to earn rewards.

Any Bonded validators with staking amounts falling below the top 100 will have their state changed to Unbonding, eventually changing to Unbonded.

Step 5: Stake a Validator

Once you’ve decided on a validator, tap on the Delegate button to delegate stake. Enter the amount of CTK you want to stake, making sure you leave enough in your wallet for the gas fee (exact amount currently varies). If your desired stake amount plus the gas fee exceeds your wallet’s balance, the delegation will fail.

Note that you can adjust the Gas bar to pay a higher gas fee.

Finally, tap on the Delegate Validator button. If delegated successfully, a message will appear at the top-right indicating success or failure

Once you’ve delegated successfully, your delegated CTK will be locked. If you wish to unlock/undelegate your CTK, you can tap on the Undelegate button to begin the unbonding process, which takes 21 days to complete.

However, the 21-day unbonding period does not apply if you decide to re-delegate your CTK to another validator. In other words, you can immediately re-delegate from one validator to another one without going through the unbonding process first.

Step 6: Confirm the Delegation Transaction

Once the staking process is complete, you can verify the delegation was successful by navigating back to the Portfolio page and checking the Transactions and Stakings tables for your transaction.

And that’s it! 🎉Your CTK is now staked and ready to start earning rewards!