Dapp User Guide

The Decentralized Security Oracles are blockchain-agnostic, which means any blockchain protocol that supports smart contracts could be considered a Business Chain and thus gains access to the Security Oracle powered by CertiK Chain. The component on Business Chain is designed to be a well-defined, open-sourced smart contract serving as the oracle interface, and the Security Oracle contract will be owned and maintained by the CertiK Security Council.

The synchronized invocation to the Security Oracle is extremely simplistic, and consumer contracts could easily integrate with several line changes, while maintaining the level of intelligence over security topics of those to-be-happen transaction calls. This section will go through the necessary steps for the successful adoption of integrating with the Security Oracle:

  • Find the contract addresses on the specific blockchains and specific networks

  • Request the security data on CertiK Chain (if the Oracle does not contain the data you need)

  • Integrate with the Security Oracle with your smart contracts