Join the Chain

We need your help! Want to do your part to make the CertiK Chain better? Check out the different types of roles you can take on below:

Types of Roles

Validator Operators

Purpose: Run certified nodes on the Chain and verify transactions. Learn More >>

Stake Delegators

Purpose: Put their coins to (i.e., stake) validators and receive a portion of the block reward earned by the validator. Learn More >>

Smart Contract or Dapp Publishers

Purpose: Build programs on top of the chain to increase the number of users (and therefore, value) of the chain.


If you have a technical question or want to chat with other people in the community, check out these channels:

Incentive Programs

Throughout the development of the CertiK Chain, the CertiK Foundation will be funding different incentive programs to keep things exciting! Information on current and past programs will live on the CertiK Foundation website.

To stay up to date with the latest, make sure you’re subscribed to the Foundation email list.

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