Ambassador Program

The CertiK Chain builds safeguards in every layer of the blockchain tech stack, providing customizable security measures to better serve more complex industries like DeFi. We aim to create a blockchain security platform that serves not just the smart contracts published on the CertiK Chain itself, but any smart contract—on any network. With a far-reaching mission like that, we recognize that we can’t do it alone and ask for your help to bring us to that future.

With every successful blockchain exists a strong, thriving community. And with every successful community exists the enthusiasts who go above and beyond, and who give their all to help make a project the next best thing. We see you enthusiasts actively engaging with our Chain, providing feedback in our forums and asking us how you can help—and for that, we’re grateful.

The CertiK Ambassador Program brings together that enthusiasm and effort more formally so you can directly contribute to the mission to make the CertiK Chain’s security ecosystem a reality.

Why Become an Ambassador?

You believe in higher standards for blockchain security and want others to share that belief, too.

The CertiK Chain is meant to be more than just another secure blockchain; it’s meant to become the security platform for smart contracts published on- and cross-chain. You see the CertiK Chain as the nexus to widespread adoption; having a platform like this means more security across all blockchains, leading to more trust in the technology, leading to adoption by enterprises, and, ultimately, end users.

You also believe in the interoperability of blockchains and have an abundance mindset—the idea that the future of blockchain does not rely on any single platform being the ultimate solution, but rather, that all these platforms leverage one another to create value for the end user.

And for reasons other than altruism and glory, as an ambassador you’ll also get things like:

  • Early access to contests, bounties, and events

  • Special access to exclusive events, Ambassador-only communities, and meetings with the CertiK Chain team

  • Free CertiK swag and other gifts

  • ...and much more

What to Expect as an Ambassador

The core purpose of becoming an ambassador is to share the good word about the CertiK Chain and be a trusted member of the community. As a CertiK Chain Ambassador, some of the responsibilities that you may take on include:

  • Moderating online communities

  • Managing language-specific communities

  • Translating critical documentation

  • Joining meetings with the Chain team

  • Hosting local meetups

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to create a thriving community that will be decentralized and self-regulating in the long run.

How to Become an Ambassador

The Ambassador Program is like a badge of honor that anyone can earn, as long as they have shown their dedication and trustworthiness to the cause!


Because everyone has different skills to offer, there’s no one way to become an ambassador; aside from a few must-haves there are a number of things that you can do to help expedite your ambassadorship:

Current must-haves

  • Ability to speak, read, and write in English or Mandarin Chinese

  • Ability to work in teams as well as independently

  • Regular engagement with the CertiK Chain community, completion of volunteer work, or sending high-quality feedback

If you’d like to volunteer for the CertiK Chain on a one-off basis, check out our Volunteers page for the list of currently available tasks.

Application Process

Once you’ve put some roots down in the CertiK Chain community, you can then begin the process to become an ambassador:

First, you’ll need to apply to become a CertiK Chain Ambassador.

Second, we’ll reach out to schedule a call with you to talk about your interest and the expectations of the ambassador role. At this point you’ll be provided trial membership, during which you’ll learn all about the inner workings of the Ambassador Program and identify the part(s) of the community that you want to be involved with.

Third, during your trial membership, you’ll meet with the Chain Team and other Ambassadors, and upon successful trial, you’ll become a full member of the Ambassador Program!


I just submitted my application. How long will it take for me to receive a response?

Once you submit your application to become a CertiK Chain Ambassador, we’ll reach out in about 48 hours to set up a 30-minute call with you.

We’re excited to bring you into the folds of the development of CertiK Chain to build a more secure blockchain world together. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to

What’s the difference between an Ambassador and a Volunteer?

The main difference between the two roles is how much time you’re able to commit for extended periods of time. If you’re willing to offer your time on an ongoing basis and become an Ambassador, great! But if not, no worries—we appreciate any and all help from the community.

Below you’ll find a quick reference chart that shows some of the differences:



Application Process



Interview with Chain Team



Expected Duration


One-off / task-based

Early Access to Certain Events, Contests, Bounties, etc.



Can’t commit to ambassadorship? Not to worry; we can always use your help with our Volunteer Program.